Notes for Users

The Village Hall Committee has a license to sell alcohol. Private parties are not permitted to run their own bar and sell alcohol, although it is allowed to be consumed on the premises. Please contact Justine, the booking secretary, if a bar selling alcohol is required.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hall or any of the adjoining rooms. Please ensure that all users are aware of this policy. People congregating outside the hall to smoke especially during late evening should be respectful of nearby residents and refrain from making unneccessary noise.

Permission must be sought before connection of any electrical equipment.

When the public is admitted the person in charge must keep a check of numbers present and provide a minimum of 2 trained attendees, or three if over 100 are present. (Please see notice board for full copy of Entertainment Licence conditions).

The hall must be vacated by midnight.

1. At all times the hall is in use the emergency exit lights must be illuminated.
2. The main exterior door must be left open whilst the hall is in use.
3. The hall is equipped with smoke and “break glass” detectors.
  If the alarm sounds dial 999 and ask for the fire brigade.
4. You should aquaint yourself with the position of all exits and fire doors.
5. All fire exits must be kept clear at all times.

A first aid box is provided. It is situated in the cupboard marked “FIRST AID” in the kitchen.
Please inform the booking secretary should any items be used.

If the heating is off, there is a switch in the back room which will override the heating clock for 2 hours. It then switches off automatically.

Please ensure that the hall is cleaned after use, cleaning equipment can be found in the kitchen and in the backroom behind the stage. All rubbish must be taken home. Failure to do say may result in some of your deposit being retained. Chairs must be restacked neatly facing the right hand wall in the storage area.

1. If the refrigerator or cooker is used, please clean it afterwards.
2. Ensure all appliances are switched off and plugs removed (excluding the refrigerator).
3. Ensure that any sink used for hand washing is not used for washing dishes.
4. Any breakages must be reported to the contact and paid for.

If you encounter any problems, these should be recorded in the Comments book you will find in the kitchen. They may also be reported to the booking secretary.

There is a large car park adjacent to the Village Hall in which you are permitted to park free of charge. This is owned by the Parish Council. Vehicles are parked at owners' risk.

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